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The main reason for making a Will is to leave instructions as to whom you want to give your assets and possessions to in the event of your death. Without a Will or if your Will is invalid, the Law of Intestacy will be applied and who gets what, may not be that of your own choosing but as the Law of Intestacy dictates. 

Using the latest technoilogy we are able to compile your Will which when fully agreed with you will be bound and presented in a beautiful folder with full guidance notes as to the clauses in your Will, at a very cost effective one off charge of just £80.00.

Our inclusive charge of just £80.00 is just for your Will documents. We offer completely free of charge a visit to you in your own home and at a time convenient to you for advice on the best estate planning solutions to suit your own particularly needs. If its all too much to take in, we can visit you again and there will be no charge.

If you want us to compile your Will we will provide you with a draft version first with guidance notes to help you understand what the various clauses in the Will mean. Only when you are happy that the draft is what you want, will we prepare your final Will document for you to sign. The final document will be in a presentation folder, all neat and tidy.

Maybe you already have a Will. Is it up to date? does it cover everything? Maybe there has been a change in your circumstances. We can check your Will for you. Just call us on 01258 817688 to book a free no obligation appointment in your own home.

Remember, we dont charge for advice and we will never offer you something you dont really need. 

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