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Family Trusts

Trusts have always been a useful tool for the very rich protecting their assets from being lost or squandered for many many years. Nowadays, personal wealth has increased far beyond what most of us would have expected. Houses are worth many thousands of pounds and many people take out some form of insurance or pension scheme to provide for later life and for their family. We also save to enjoy our retirement years.

Whether we are young, just starting out as a couple planning for a family, or maybe you are middle aged wanting to ensure the family are o k in future years. Or maybe wanting to buy a second home to use for holidays or simply wanting to ensure your finances are in order, neat and tidy.

Whatever your age, What ever the reason sensible estate planning can ensure what you have built up over many years like purchasing your own home, is not lost to outside influences, such as having to pay for residential care, which, if you owned nothing, you would get for free but Government rules mean owning your own home means it will almost certainly be sold to pay for your care if you end up in a residential home. Proper Estate Planning NOW can stop this.You cannot do this when you are enetering care. It will be too late.

We offer Family Trusts at the remarkable cost of just £250 plus VAT which will protect your assets not only against care costs but for other influences as well for the benefit of your spouse, your children and their children and ensure what has taken you many years to build up, will not be given or squandered away or taken off you for care costs so your family inherit nothing.

Why not contact us for a completely free, no obligation consultation in your own home at a time convenient to you when we can explain how you can protect your assets and provide for your family in years to come. Simply call us on 01258 817688 or complete the on-line enquiry form. Remember, we do not charge for advice.


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